What is hummus?

What is hummus?

Everyone knows this classic aperitif, but what is hummus in reality?

What is hummus: a composition as simple as it is delicious

First of all, hummus is a delicious combination of chickpea puree and tahini (sesame puree), to which we add a hint of lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. We then mix everything to obtain a melting and airy texture.

This recipe has gradually spread across the world, becoming a true aperitif essential. Indeed, what could be simpler to do?

A pleasure to enjoy without guilt, because in addition to being very good, it is also a real source of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants and others.

What is the origin of hummus?

Hummus, the true king of the aperitif, is at the heart of a real war of origins.

Hummus appeared in the 15th century in the Ottoman Empire. It has been reported that at least 7 countries claim to have seen the birth of hummus: Lebanon, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. This “hummus war” is also a regular subject for the press.

Among these competitors, Lebanon and Israel particularly claim the authorship of this recipe, but to this day we cannot yet say with certainty who is at the origin.

And yes, we can find all the ingredients present in the recipe in the lands of these 7 countries.

However, a theory emerged, that of a medieval culinary historian, Ari Ariel. He maintains that hummus originated in Egypt. Indeed, he allegedly found a cookbook dating from the 13th century containing a recipe similar to hummus. The only problem, there's no garlic or tahini in it. So is it really hummus?

Its origin therefore remains a mystery, but that will not prevent us from enjoying ourselves!

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