Culinare Bio is above all a family story. It brings together a father passionate about cooking, responsible for R&D and creator of all our delicious recipes, and his daughter, with commercial talent, in charge of marketing and sales. This adventure began in 2019 with a clear objective: to offer a homemade quality, proudly French.

Our workshop is located in France, and we do our best to favor ingredients of French origin as much as possible. We pay particular attention to the choice of our ingredients, favoring quality products, such as our Arbequina oil from Spain. At Culinare Bio, we are resolutely committed to the environment. This is why we use glass for our products, thus avoiding plastic and unnecessary packaging.

OUR small team of three people puts all its heart into the manufacturing of our products, because quality is at the heart of our approach. We believe in responsible reuse, which is why we transform the cooking juices from chickpeas into delicious mayonnaise. Each of our recipes has been carefully developed to guarantee exceptional taste, a perfect texture and an irresistible topping.

We are looking forward to share our passion culinary with you.




Our workshop is in France and our ingredients are as French as possible


Our team of 3 puts their heart into the work for you produce quality products


We reuse the cooking juices chickpeas to make mayonnaise


We use glass for our products, no plastic, no excess packaging


Quality ingredients, choose carefully like Arbequina oil from Spain


We have worked on our recipes for a long time for taste, texture, topping

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