Hummus without tahini

Hummus without Tahini

Easy hummus recipe without tahini

Ingredients :

  • 250 grams of drained canned chickpeas
  • 4 tablespoons of rapeseed oil
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of cashews
  • 1 pomegranate (to decorate)
  • Mint (to decorate)
  • Salt
  • Mixer or blender

Time required: 10 minutes

Preparation :

  1. Put the cashews in a blender or blender. Mix lightly if you want to have chunks in the hummus. Otherwise, mix until you obtain a powder.
  2. Add the drained chickpeas beforehand. Then mix. Do not throw away the chickpea water but keep it to replace egg whites in your dishes
  3. Add the rapeseed oil, then the lemon juice.
  4. Add salt to your liking.
  5. Arrange the hummus in a bowl or plate. Sprinkle with pomegranate, a few whole chickpeas and mint. There you go, your hummus without tahini is ready

Why without tahini?

Tahini or even tahin, tahina, tehina or tahini is sesame seed paste. In fact, they are simply crushed sesame seeds to which water and a little oil are added. This cream has many nutritional benefits such as the provision of calcium for example or even phosphorus.


However, tahini is also a big allergen. Indeed, sesame is one of the most common allergens and this allergy is much more common than you think! In addition, it is impossible to find sesame in France. Hummus without tahini is better!

This is why at Culinare we decided not to put sesame seed tahini in our hummus. But replace it with roasted and then crushed sunflower seeds. This is why we have hummus without tahini.

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